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Every other week, Martin, D'Juan, and Travis gather together to discuss the latest coming out of the Valiant Comics universe. No reviews, just hard core discussion on books that we love.

Valiant Central is hosted by Martin Ferretti , D'Juan Hammonds and Travis Williams and produced by Martin Ferretti. You can support this show by visiting our merch store or feel free to get in touch with us via Twitter, @valiant_central, by sending us an e-mail.

Valiant Central has released 192 episodes since launching on Jan 01, 2015

Welcome back to another episode of Valiant Central! This week we have another interview as Martin sits down with Doctor Tomorrow writer, Alejandro Arbona, to discuss the series with full spoilers ahead! Doctor Tomorrow has been a real treat to read and I hope you've been following Bart and crew on their adventures along the way. 

Rai #6 is out today and what better way to celebrate the return of one of Valiant's flagship titles than to sit down with Dan Abnett and talk about it? That's right folks, Martin is joined by comic book legend to discuss his Valiant work, the power of science fiction story telling, the future of Rai and the Valiant universe and so much more! Thank you for listening!

At long last, a brand new episode of the Valiant Central Podcast! On this episode, Martin is joined by Bloodshot writer, Tim Seeley, to discuss his work on the series, the state of comics amid all the craziness in the world, and what is in store for the character moving forward. Before that though, Martin spends a couple of minutes talking about the just released Bloodshot #7: Fully Loaded Edition. Thanks for listening, and as always, stay Valiant.

Martin is joined by Valiant editor, David Menchel, on a very special episode of the Valiant Central Podcast to discuss the company's upcoming new release, Savage, written by Max Bemis with art by Nathan Stockman. David discusses his comic background, working at Valiant, finding the right story balance for old and new readers alike, and of course, a spoiler free discussion of what we can expect from the company's new title. Note that Martin has read the book, but don't worry, we use it to inform the conversation. Thanks for listening!

Martin, Ronnie and D'Juan reconvene for another episode of the Valiant Central Podcast, and this time things get serious...after an official press release from Valiant regarding the latest batch of news, Diamond putting a hold on all comics for the next month or two, and a recent interview with Fred Pierce and Matthew Klein on The Beat, the boys have a lot to discuss. Of course we dive deep into all this, go a little deeper into the state of comics, react to a surprising statement, and more!

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