Comic Book Legion

The Comic Book Legion is a general comic book podcast with a focus on DC Comics. Join Clay and Mark every week as they bring you an honest take on the comic book market.

Comic Book Legion is hosted by Fanboy Clay and Mark Reads Comics and produced by Mark Reads Comics. Get in touch with us via Twitter, @CB_Legion, by sending us an e-mail.

Comic Book Legion has released 91 episodes since launching on Mar 03, 2019

Mark and Clay talk DC after Future State and a surprise Live Reaction

The Crossover you have all been waiting for. Comic Book Rundown's Joe has entered the chat to talk Future State's Trinity 

Mark and Clay talk the first week of Future State. 

Mark and Clay talk Christmas, Hanukkah, WW84, and what could be the best comic of 2020

Mark and Clay talk big name titles coming out in March of 2021

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