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What a fun week!  Jeff from drops in to have a Home Theater Chat with DJ about what they think are the best Home Theater Experiences so far this year.  They came up with quite the diverse list too.  Plus listener comments and other fun Home Theater stuff.  So why don’t you stop reading this drivel and just Push Play…
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FINALLY!  Here is the Bright Side Home Theater review of Independence Day in 4K.  Rescued from the computer meltdown and rising from the ashes.  PLUS a special guest drops in on the phone because he really wanted to talk about The Tomorrow War streaming on Amazon Prime.  A rescued show, freshened format, drop in guests, lots of fun and all you have to do is go PUSH PLAY…

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DJ sat down with Rob H of AV Rant this week to discuss how Streaming Content is doing in the Home Theater Environment.  Topics like where its been where it is currently and where it could be headed.  As well as discussing a few actual movies like Tomorrow War and Black Widow among others and how they stack up.  Plus discussing all the variables that go into judging a good stream from a bad stream and how hard it is to compare streaming to physical discs.  So much to get but its always fun so just push play and enjoy…

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Quick Message about the goings on in the Studio Under the Stairs

Is there finally a challenger to Netflix dominance of Home Theater superiority?  

DJ Gives his thoughts on the Streaming Home Theater Experience and where the future of Streaming could be headed.

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