New Year, New (Same) Us

Jan 03, 2019    01:22:56

Absolute DC

Before getting into their year end wrap-up Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) cover a few recent reads.  They hit up this week's issue of Heroes in Crisis.  Ronnie didn't read The Silencer yet, but Aaron gives a quick update.  They sidetrack into dropping some titles in the new year, which sidetracks into the CW shows cross promoting with the comics, which sidetracks into the voice actors in the animated movies, which sidetracks into how awesome Vertigo used to be, which moves nicely actually into how terrific American Carnage is.  They move on to some quick hits - surprise books of 2018, breakout writer and artist, biggest disappointment, what they are looking forward to, and what they'd like to see happen.  The show ends with a quick talk about comic related Christmas gifts.

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