May 05, 2019    01:13:19


Sorry for the episode delay, but the past two weeks have been full of insanity and sickness for both Ronnie (@Ronbar316) and Aaron (@AaronSBell).  But fear not! They were able to get together to cover a lot of what they missed talking about from the last couple weeks of DC news, comics, and tv shows.

They're all over the place talking Batman Who Laughs leading into the new Superman Batman series.  They get into how Metal has spun off into an entire section of DC Comics, and how it's a pretty great thing.  They talk about the latest issue of Heroes in Crisis, and how yet again the internet has let humanity down.  DCeased kicked off, and both of the fellas are all in on this one.   Silencer surprisingly didn't end with issue 16, and it makes us Happy.  Doomsday Clock is being collected (at some point, it may actually come out). And things get wrapped up with some TV talk - Ronnie didn't watch the finale of Gotham, but they talk about the previews for Pennyworth and Lucifer.

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