Every Dead Person In The History Of Forever

Jul 26, 2018    00:52:54

Absolute DC

On this week's regularly scheduled episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) complete a little roundup of SDCC DC Comics news they didn't cover in the bonus trailers episode.  Once that's done, they dive into some comics.  What's the book that Aaron picked up for the first time in about 30 issues, and what made him choose to try it out again?  Will he continue on with it now that he's back (sort of) in the fold?  How do they feel about the Flash War and how a (semi) newly returned character has been used?  How do they expect another freshly returned character to be handled?  What the heck is going on with Justice League these days?  And finally they get into the Injustice/He-Man crossover.  All this, and more on an all new episode!

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