BONUS: Conversation With Donny Cates

Dec 08, 2017    00:59:30

Aftershock Central Podcast

In a bonus episode. Martin is out so Ronnie grabs someone else to chat with. You guys might of heard of him, he's kinda of a big deal at the moment. The amazing Donny Cates. Donny talks about how he pitched Babyteeth to AfterShock as well as the thoughts behind the book. Is it a mini or is it an on going? How Thanos and Doctor Strange is going, who's his favorite writer? What's his favorite band of all time? Relay got announced this week and what his role in it is. Which DC character did Ronnie see Donny doing if he went to DC instead of Marvel? All this and much much more as well as the answer to the question. Have you read Ghost Fleet? This is a great conversation with the hottest writer today in comics. If you haven't read his second issue on Doctor Strange.. there might be some spoiler talk as well. Anymore Donny Cates books coming from AfterShock? Tune in and find out all these answers and more.

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