The Week In Comics: Disney+ Secrets

May 14, 2020    01:06:15

The Bright Side Comics Chat

πŸŽ’John and DJ discuss a lot this week and John even drops a bomb on DJ and surprises him with some NEW CONTENT coming soon.  They also discuss Netflix and Scout comics, The Mandalorian, SDCC, Swamp Thing and Disney+.  

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β€’ Scout Comics Wretches #1 announced at Netflix currently selling for $10 to $18
β€’ Multiple Boom #1’s based on recent deal with Netflix.
1. Something is Killing the Children #1 currently selling $25 to $35
2. Red Mother #1 currently selling up to $10
3. Once and Future #1 currently selling at $10


DC – Variant Covers –
β€’ Batman #92 Artgerm
β€’ JL #46 Clay Mann
β€’ Lois Lane #11 Joelle Jones**
New Series –
β€’ Batman the Adventures continue #1 (of 6)
Image –
β€’ Adventureman #1
β€’ Nailbiter Returns #1

Marvel – Variant Covers –
β€’ Black Cat #11 Greg Land 
β€’ Deadpool #5 Mirka Andolfo
New Series –
β€’ None

β€’ Old Haunts #1

Boom –
β€’ Faithless II #1 – multiple

Ablaze –
β€’ The Cimmerian Red Nails #1
Dynamite –
β€’ Dejah Thoris #5 Luisa Preissler**
Archie –
β€’ Sabrina Something Wicked #1 (of 5) Multiple
Zenescope –
β€’ Robyn Hood Justice #1 - multiple

β€’ N/A

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