Issue #107: Image Comics Crossover

Nov 05, 2020    01:40:58

The Bright Side Comics Chat

A little bit of news this week but John and DJ couldn't wait to talk about two things.  The Mandalorian and Image Comics new book Crossover.  If you are reading this and you haven't picked up Crossover yet do yourself a favor and get it NOW.  It's a comic book readers dream book.  Plus they talk about a bunch of other great books a bunch of tangents and oh yea, another "Last Jedi".  Get in the store and check it all out...

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Bright Side Chat-  0:00
Speculator’s Corner- 29:34
Check Out- 48:42
Reel World- 1:13:16
Mandalorian Moment- 1:19:17
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🎒Speculator’s Corner

  • Batman #102 
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer #19 
  • Captain Marvel #23
  • My Little Pony Transformers #4 
  • Origins #1 
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Bad Guys #2 
  • Star Wars Adventures Shadows of Vaders Castle #1 
  • Wolverine Black White Blood #1 


  • Strange Talent of Luther Strode #1 

DC – Variant Covers
• DCeased Dead Planet #6 Ben Oliver
• Wonder Woman #768 Joshua Middleton
New Series
• Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Flashpoint
• Batman Black & White #1 (of 6) multiple
• Justice League Endless Winter #1 (of 2) 2 covers
• Superman Endless Winter – 2 covers
• Dark Nights Death Metal: Last Stories of the 

DC Universe
• Dark Nights Death Metal: The Secret Origin
• Tales From The Dark Multiverse: Crisis on Infinite Earths

Marvel – Variant Covers
• Captain Marvel #24 Tradd Moore Knullified
New Series
• King in Black Namor #1 (of 5) 2 covers
• Sword #1 – multiple

• E-Ratic #1 – 2 covers


(W) Clay Chapman (A/CA) Jakub Rebelka
(W) Donny Cates (A) Geoff Shaw, Dee Cunniffe (CA) Geoff Shaw, Dave Stuart

(W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Robert Carey (CA) Robert Hack

Coming Next Week

• Kick Ass vs. Hit Girl #1
• Power Rangers #1
• Punchline Special #1

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