Issue #114: Chapter 16

Dec 24, 2020    02:06:17

The Bright Side Comics Chat

🎅🏻Merry Christmas Eve!  John and DJ are back at Arkham Comics and Games and, in the words of Mark Hamill himself, has anything happened on TV lately? Aside from Chapter 16 there's a bunch of news items they chat about and of course some comic book news.  Including, but not limited to, some interesting Star Wars nuggets in Back issue bonus.  So get out of the cold and  come on in and hang out with the guys!  Happy Holidays!

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Bright Side Chat-  0:00
Speculator’s Corner- 43:57
Check Out- 52:54
Reel World- 1:04:38
Mandalorian Minute- 1:20:23
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🎒Speculator’s Corner

  • Dark Nights Death Metal Secret Origins #1 
  • Department of Truth #4 
  • King Size Conan #1 
  • Something Is killing The Children #13 
  • Spawn #313 


  • Fantastic Four #353 
  • Star Wars Jedi vs Sith #1 (2001) 
  • Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Squadron Rebel Opposition #1
  • Night Hunters #1 
  • Teen Titans Endless Winter #1 
  • Solid Blood #17 
  • Star Wars Legacy #20 
  • David Lynch Angriest Dog in The World 
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #14 
  • Star Wars Jango Fett Open Season #1

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(W) Dan Watters (A/CA) Kishore Mohan

Coming Next Week
• Ghost Rider Return of Vengeance #1
• KIB Iron Man/Doom #1
• Dark Nights Death Metal: The Last 52 War of the Multiverses

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