Issue #119: DC's Future State

Jan 28, 2021    02:39:16

The Bright Side Comics Chat

This week John is on a little "vacation" so DJ is lucky to be joined by Dr. Joe for what is a fantastic Comic Book Store conversation.  Dr. Joe fills in seamlessly as he and DJ just chat away about the state of movies in now 2021, Harry Potter rumors, Monsters at Work and a bunch of other news items.  Also a fun Future State conversation (time stamp below) as well as plenty of Spoiler Free Wanda Vision AND Spoiler filled Wanda Vision at the end of the show.  So don't waste any more time, there's plenty to get to in the store...

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🎒Show Minutes
Bright Side Chat-  0:00
Speculator’s Corner- 37:09
Check Out- 50:10
Reel World- 1:14:51
WandaVision SPOILER FREE - 1:25:05
DC”s FUTURE STATE - 1:33:07
Kryptonite Key Club: 1:59:09

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