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Surprise!  DJ is coming at you TWICE a week now!  This is the first Take Over Tuesday where you the listeners take over Bright Side Home Theater with you questions, comments and recommendations!  This week the listeners weigh in with there opinions on what is more important, Sound or Picture as well as other comments.  This weeks recommendations are really cool as well with a theme I think we all agree with completely.  Before all that DJ has a request for the Listeners that would really mean a lot to him and help out a couple of really great guys.  

PODCAST Time Stamps
Asking a Favor- 4:55
Listener Comments-  11:53
Recommendations- 27:33


🍿Under Pressure : Making Of Abyss

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🍿Movies & Scenes of the Week🍿

The Abyss
wv brew on Twitter
“In HD on Amazon Prime.  Would love to see in 4k but looks fantastic.  5.1 very strong too upmixed with Neural X”

Under Pressure: The making of The Abyss
wv brew on Twitter
“This documentary is better than even the movie. Toughest film probably ever made wow!”

Karl email
“Fantastic film. So crazy it has now been 10 years. Gosh, she played this soundtrack all the time back in the day. This one is way overdue on 4K”

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Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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