Jun 10, 2022    00:57:50


DJ gets back at it and breaks down a summer Popcorn flick from 1997!

Before that he talks about some experiences, he’s had in his theater this week and also talks about an email he received about an issue we have all been through or will go through.  But Con Air is the story here… 
How’s the picture quality?
How’s the sound Quality?
Is there any difference between the Disc anmd Kaleidescape?
All of that and  DJ’s favorite scenes and stuff that maybe you missed…

Push Play and see and hear for yourself.

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🍿Con Air🍿
Home Theater Play Time 1:48:08

  • Kaleidescape HD - 🍿🍿
  • HD Blu-Ray -🍿+.5

  • Kaleidescape HD - 🍿🍿
  • HD Blu-Ray -🍿+.5

  1. Opening
  2. 3:35 Self Defense
  3. 5:35 Con Air
  4. 10:10 The Jail Bird 🍿🍿
  5. 19:30 Onboard
  6. 28:10 Ticking 🍿
  7. 37:50 Swirling Wind
  8. 41:04 Do Not Open 🍿
  9. 52:55 Landing Gear
  10. 55:05 Pinball 🍿
  11. 1:05:50 Buzzing The Tower
  12. 1:19:50 Cy-Anarra 🍿🍿
  13. 1:23:50 Fall Back
  14. 1:29:06 Sweet Home Alabama
  15. 1:32:40 “God Does Exist” 🍿
  16. 1:35:40 Vegas 🍿🍿

🍿Thanks to:
Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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