Nov 11, 2022    02:14:21


Another HUGE week! 
Three times the Hosts means Three Times the Home Theater Fun!
Plenty of Listener Experiences, a fun new Tweak from DJ, a bunch of NEW 4K releases coming Tuesday and then some really fun Home Theater Experiences spanning many Genres!

But first…
 John, Steve and DJ thank this week’s Patron of the week and announce this month’s Charity! 
Bright Side Home Theater with the support of all their Patrons will be donating $100 to the Movember.org through Ryan Davey of the #Dork Podcast! 
If you would like to donate directly, please click here
18:20 -Tweaks
25:48 - The boys dive into a bunch of Listeners Experiences
1:01:45 - New 4K Releases Coming Nov 15th

Home Theater Experiences of the Week
1:05:51 - Sonic the Hedghog 2 4k Disc with Dolby Atmos
1:11:40 - Top Gun: Maverick 4K Disc with Atmos
1:18:39- Aquaman 4K on Kaleidescape with Atmos and VAR
1:26:24 - Barbarian HBOMax
1:31:58 - The Midnight Club Netflix
1:35:17 - Black Panther 4K Kaleidescape with Dolby Atmos
1:43:23 - Operation Mincemeat Netflix
1:49:14 - Enola Homes 2 Netflix Dolby Vision & Atmos
1:56:22- Scream 2 4K Disc with dts MA
2:00:35 - Lawrence of Arabia 4K Disc and Kaleidescape with Dolby Atmos

All that and so much more!
“If you can’t laugh while talking Home Theater, you’re doing something wrong.”


Push Play and hear for yourself.

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Anything about your Home Theater Experience, just let them know and you’ll be on the show!

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