Week 36 Of 2020: Goonies 4 K

Sep 11, 2020    00:45:46

Bright Side Home Theater

🍿This week DJ gets in his way back machine and goes to 1985 in 4K!  How does a movie from '85 hold up under the scrutiny of todays 4K expectations?  How is the the sound? Lets all acknowledge this is a fun movie but is a a Home Theater movie that you should have in your collection?  DJ gives his opinion along with some listener comments and this weeks Featured Home Theater submitted by Albert "Capt Patch" Hall

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  • Albert Hall

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🍿= Reference Material

Goonies 4K (2019)

Home Theater Viewing Time is 1h 48min 24sec


  • Opening
  • 20:25 Pouring Rain
  • 27:40 Medallion
  • 33:52 Tunnels
  • 43:55 Floor Boards
  • 46:12 Thump
  • 49:20 Whoops!
  • 56:15 It’s a Trap
  • 57:50 Bats!
  • 1:00:00 Beautiful Waterfall🍿🍿
  • 1:10:40 More Booby Traps
  • 1:19:20 Drum Beat
  • 1:24:55 Pirate Ship🍿🍿
  • 1:29:28 Warm Glow
  • 1:39:35 Cave in
  • 1:40:56 Blue Sky🍿🍿

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Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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