Week 38 Of 2020: Home Theater Chat With Rob H From Av Rant The Martian 4 K V 3 D

Sep 25, 2020    02:12:21

Bright Side Home Theater

DJ sat down with Rob H from the AV Rant Podcast to have a Home Theater chat.  They discuss The Martian in 4K and in 3D but first they go over this weeks listener comments, movie recommendations and this weeks Featured Theater from Theo.  It's really just two guys hanging out chatting about the hobby they love.  

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🍿Featured Theater🍿

  • Theo

🍿This weeks movie Recommendations

Armageddon (1080P)
Steve George
“The picture quality is rather soft at times but the DTS HD track sounds pretty great in Neural X!”

Long Way Up Apple TV+
Steve George 
“A fun docu-series (so far!) with some lovely imagery and some nice ambient sound in the Atmos tracks. It has a Star Wars connection too!! “

Kingsman & Kingsman Golden Circle 4K
John M
“14.99 for both 4k movies at Beest Buy. Awesome movies high production values stellar casts”

The Quick and the Dead 4K
John M
“Suburb catalog title hit it out of park with Atmos remix. Perfect length tight story Dicaprio so young. Hackman such a good villian.”

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🍿= Reference Material

The Martian 4K v 3D

Home Theater Viewing Time is 2h 25min 28sec
Home Theater Viewing Time is 2h 16min 04sec


  • Opening 
  • 2:45  Shut him off
  • 4:52 Sand storm 🍿🍿🍿
  • 8:35 Escaping Mars 🍿
  • 9:12 Television vs Reality
  • 16:00 Video Journal
  • 24:30 The Sun Shade
  • 27:14 Ear Ringing
  • 29:00 Funeral
  • 41:30 Going to Pathfinder
  • 1:21:30 Subtitles in 3D
  • 1:54:10 Crowd Shot
  • 1:57:28 (1:49:00) Eject Windows
  • 2:05:39 (1:56:30) MAV Launch 🍿🍿🍿
  • 2:15:54 (2:06:00) Activate🍿🍿

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