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Welcome to Thankful on Infinite Podcasts!

This is a 3-show, 6-man crossover event between the HT Guys, Ara & Braden from the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast, DJ from the Bright Side Home Theater Podcast, and Tom, Rob & Lee from AV Rant Podcast.

We chat about what we're thankful for this year in the world of home theater, answer some questions from our listeners, and even debut an exciting announcement for one of the hosts!


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The Hardware we are thankful for:

0:03:32  - Ara

0:07:31 - Braden

0:12:30 - DJ

0:18:50 - Lee

0:25:29 - Tom

0:30:13 - Rob

The Media we are thankful for:

0:41:51 - DJ

0:46:28 - Lee

0:50:50 - Tom

1:01:26 - Rob

1:04:21 - Ara

1:12:45 - Braden


1:15:43 - Andrew L. - If someone is starting out with a very limited budget, where are the best places to compromise or sacrifice in a home theater, and where is it worth waiting and saving up?

1:36:05 - Jay & Gary - Is there anything in our current home theaters that we regret including? If we had the chance to do things over, what would we change?

1:51:45 - Graham C - What's your best theater story that makes you never want to go back?

Wrapping Up:

1:59:58 - Why each of us is thankful for podcasts

2:10:28 - Tom's announcement regarding


Optoma CinemaX P2 Ultra Short Throw Projector:

Elite Screens Aeon CLR UST screen:

Roku Streaming Players:

TCL Roku TVs:

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SVS SB-2000 Pro subwoofers:

Kanto YU4 Bluetooth speakers:

DIY Absorbers for the Less-than-Handy Man:

Harman White Paper: Subwoofers: Optimum Number & Locations:

Monoprice Monolith HTP-1 Processor:

Outlaw Audio Model 5000X amplifier:

Anthem Receivers:

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