Week 51 Of 2020: Spoiler Free Wonder Woman 1984 On Hbo Max & Theater

Dec 26, 2020    00:34:24

Bright Side Home Theater

DJ breaks down the Home Theater experience of Wonder Woman 1984 vs the Theater all SPOILER FREE.  Before that he has comments on projector settings and his opinion of the purpose of an ISF Calibration.  Also listener comments and recommendations so there are plenty of reasons to stop reading and just PUSH PLAY on this Holiday Edition.  

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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๐ŸฟThis weeks movie Recommendations

The Pacific on HBO
WV Brew 
โ€œabsolutely great cinematography, story and one of most active bombastic soundtracks most every episode. Contless flyovers front to back and back to front with concussive bass.โ€

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