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This week DJ breaks down the Blu-ray disc Godzilla from 2014.  Is it worth the money? Does it NEED HDR? Is the sound mix engaging?  Yes, Yes, and YES!  But you may be surprised to why.  Plus DJ talks about :going to a concert" during COVID, responds to the downside of the Zappiti and talks about some great articles and movies and scenes this week.  All great Home Theater fun that should be making you just Push Play... 



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🍿 Movies & Scenes of the Week🍿

District 9 4K 

@wvbrew on Twitter 
      District 9 Video damn near close to as Good as Gemni Man Audio may be widest soundfield I have ever heard.
54 min flyovers  
1:25:00 robot active 
1:41:00 lift off last 1/2 hour is fantastic

Def Leppard - And There Will Be a Next Time on Qello

      This 2017 concert is pristine video and energetic audio crowd noise screams band is on point. You would be hard pressed to beat Let’s get Rocked in this concert video they nail it! Qello strikes again

Road Warrior Blu-ray 

       Watching my favorite Mad Max movie Road Warrior on blu ray I would love to see this in 4k. Even on Blu ray though I dare you to find a movie with more detail dust scratches wear tires with tread all rotted at diff stages and costumes detail just gritty goodness.  

Star Trek The Motion Picture 

      Want to have some fun and be floored by what an upmixer can do upmix Star Trek 1979 mesmerizing. Your ceilng speakers will dance. These are unbelievable scenes to test upmixer

40:00 Wormhole 
1:12:00 Intruder Alert
1:56:00 Vger

The Walk (2015) 3D

Steve George 
The video is pristine and the upmixed Neural:X soundtrack is awesome. The helicopter towards the end is a highlight!”

1:40:00 The final Walk 



🍿= Reference Material

Godzilla (2014) 🍿🍿🍿

Picture 🍿🍿
Sound 🍿🍿🍿
Home Theater Viewing Time 1hr 56min 10sec


  • Opening
  • 2:45 Helicopter
  • 9:40 This is a Pattern
  • 10:38 Aftershock?
  • 13:24 Door Closed
  • 17:46 Can’t Find my Pants
  • 29::15 Captured 🍿🍿
  • Cables Overhead
  • 35:10 Jump Scare ***
  • 38:10 Gas Mask **
  • 40:25 Great Design
  • 44:38 Godzilla
  • 53:20 Prepare to Engage Target *
  • 54:55 Second Bogie **
  • 56:40 Flares
  • 58:29 Airport
  • 59:20 Godzilla Roar **
  • 1:01:30 Swimming
  • 1:16:44 Hit The Deck **
  • 1:24:47 Port Side
  • 1:29:25 In Love
  • 1:34:32 HALO Jump**
  • 1:37:57 Another Scream 
  • 1:40:27 Tackled
  • 1:44:06 Power Up
  • 1:48:55 No Score **
  • 1:55:15 Thank you 

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