ROCKY IV (1985)

May 14, 2021    01:11:26


This week DJ breaks out a classic from the 80”s that will get you jumping, running and punching in the air. 
Rocky IV the Home Theater Experience.
Plus Listener Comments, Movies and Scenes and a fun new direction of the podcast.
Push play to check it all out!

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PODCAST Time Stamps
Listener Comments- 7:27
Movies and Scenes- 18:38
Spoiler Free Review- 22:32
Scene Reviews- 27:00

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🍿Movies & Scenes of the Week🍿

Jupiter’s Legacy
“Another really fun Home Theater Exerience from Netflix”

3:10 to Yuma
GCornell (email) 
Russel Crowe Christian Bale Western.  
… Outstanding Sound, Powerful Gunshots and a Powerful Locomotive



Home Theater Viewing Time 1hr 27min 23sec

Scene 1
23:06  Apollo v Drago

Scene 2
41:20 No Easy Way Out
Robert Tepper

Scene 3
59:58 Hearts On Fire
John Cafferty & the Beaver Brown Band

Scene 4
1:06:30 Rocky v Drago

🍿Thanks to:

Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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