Comic Talk Headlines For January 8, 2019

Jan 08, 2019    00:16:17

Comic Talk Today

Need to catch up on the latest bits of comic book news? Comic Talk Today has you covered. Welcome to the first episode of Comic Talk Headlines with new news anchor, Dustin (man that sounds so formal). You can find Dustin's work on his YouTube channel, Generally Nerdy. Let' get on to the news!

In this episode: 
  • Weird Al joining Happy! for season 2
  • Rob Liefeld confirms Deadpool will be getting an animated series (kinda)
  • The CW orders a pilot for Batwoman
  • Who is Jude Law actually playing in Captain Marvel?
  • Todd McFarlane will be making Spawn the "anti-Avengers" (oh my)
  • Three Batman films are in the works over at DC including an animated Hush, animated The Long Halloween, and a new live action film possibly still starring Ben Affleck. 

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