Comic Talk Headlines For February 2, 2019

Feb 01, 2019    00:31:50

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Let's start, like we do so often, with TV News and That Hashtag Show has the scoop on Titans season 2 casting. According to their
sources, they say that DC Universe is casting for not only Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) but also his daughter Rose Wilson (Ravager).

Next we have a Twilight Zone update coming from TV Line. They are saying the plan is to debut the reboot series on the CBS All Access
app on April Fools day.

The All Access app will also be picking up the Stand series that has been shopping around for distribution for a little while now.
They have ordered 10 episodes from Producers/Showrunners Josh Boone and Ben Cavell. The pair each have some movie adaptations under
their belts, and they co-wrote this long-form adaptation, and Boone will be directing.

Ending the TV portion we got some renewal announcements:
Supernatural gets season 15
Arrow 8th season
Supergirl 5th
Legends of Tomorrow 5th
Flash 6th
Black Lightning 3rd
Riverdale season 4
Jessica Jones season 3 - that’s right Netflix announced it just a couple days ago.

Now let's kick over to some movie tidbits.

Starting with an announcement from Kevin Smith about his current project Jay and Silent Bob Reboot: apparently Saban has pick up
distribution rights for the film. Turns out they do more than just the Power Rangers.

Next we have a couple of release date announcements:
Morbius the Living Vampire will officially be released on July 31 2020
Ghostbusters 3 will see release on July 10 2020 according to director Jason Reitman.

Dr. Strange 2 is definitely happening! That Hashtag Show is reporting that C Robert Cargill has been brought back in to pen the
sequel to the movie he wrote back in 2014 or so.

Next up is 2 bits about everyone's favorite caped crusader.
First is the live action movie not only officially releasing its premiere date of June 25 2021, but also the official announcement
that Bat-ffleck is no more. Matt Reeves announced he will be going for a younger actor for his movie.
And Second is an announcement from Geeks World Wide claiming that WB is looking to capitolize on the success of the Spider-Man:
Into the Spider-verse movie with a theatrically released Batman Beyond movie. Who would YOU want to see voice Bruce and Terry?

Staying in the WB animated vein we have not just the announcement of a Mortal Kombat animated movie, but some casting for it as well:
Darin DePaul
Fred Tatasciore
Grey Griffin
Ike Amadi
Kevin Michael Richardson
Patrick Seitz
Robin Atkin Downes
Steve Blum
Jordan Rodrigues
Joel McHale
Jennifer Carpenter
No idea who will play whom, except maybe  Steve Blum and Patrick Seitz will voice Sub-Zero and Scorpion, respectively as they have
voiced those characters in the past for the games.

And Finally, Teen Titans Go! VS Teen Titans voice actors have finished recording for the project. At least according to what Khary
Payton told Yeah, that little extra video on the home release of Teen Titans Go! to the Movies wasn't a troll.
No official announcement as to what the project will be, though since it was promoted via a movie, it is a safe assumption that it
will be a movie. Though how it will be distributed, be it in theaters, through the app, or direct to video, still remains to be seen.

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