Comic Talk Headlines For May 12, 2019

May 12, 2019    00:24:12

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It may be Mother's Day but that doesn't means the news stops. Also, why are you listening to this podcast instead of spending time with your mom? Shame on you. On to the news!

Deadpool Animated: Rob Liefeld took to twitter to reassure everyone that the animated Deadpool series will happen. As he has in the past. This time though it sounds like the new series is actively in development.

Batwoman: CW ALSO took to twitter recently to show off the new Batwoman series in a quick teaser featuring Ruby Rose. She looks a little different, but still looks AWESOME!

Watchmen: HBO has FINALLY released a trailer for the new series. Showing us their very interesting interpretation of the property.

Birdgirl: Harvey Birdman is getting a spinoff. Paget Brewster will voice the main character.

The Suicide Squad: Michael Rooker is in talks to play King Shark.

Netflix/Dark Horse: Dark Horse just signed what is known as a “First Look” deal with Netflix giving the streaming giant the rights to option any Dark Horse property before they shop it around to other production companies. Does that mean Netflix is trying to compete with Disney/Marvel or are they just trying to capitalize on the success of Umbrella Academy? This IS the second deal Netflix has inked with a comic company, after Millarworld (the Mark Millar run comic house).

Marvel: Bob Iger said in the most recent earnings call that we should expect to see the proper movie slate from Marvel sometime this summer.

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