Comic Talk Headlines For Sept. 20 2019 With Generally Nerdy

Sep 20, 2019    00:21:39

Comic Talk Today

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Saved By The Bell
Getting a “TV Sequel,” whatever that means. Zack Morris won’t be present.

HBO Max is bringing Boondocks back for not one but TWO seasons. Nothing wrong with THAT!!

Netflix announces that we will get a season 4, but that will be the end of the show.

Walking Dead
King Ezekiel dropping the theatrics in season 10?

Crisis on Infinite Earths
Tom Welling coming back as Superman… duh…


Princess Bride 
Variety is (kinda) reporting that “very famous people whose names I won’t use” want to redo Norman Lear’s ‘The Princess Bride’...

Silver Surfer
Geeks World Wide says Silver Surfer is in ACTIVE production…

Black Widow
Tony Stark will apparently be returning via a deleted scene from Civil War

Black Prof X and Magneto?

Ant Man 3
Movie not happening, now a Disney+ series?

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