Comic Talk Headlines For February 11th, 2020 | Rogue And Moonstone In Captain Marvel 2? And Other News...

Feb 12, 2020    00:37:12

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The Oscars
Joker won Best Actor and Best Original Score. Brad Pitt won Best Supporting Actor. I just saved you a long BORING 2.5 hours.

Locke and Key
Launched this week… and it's different.


Birds of Prey
WB officially changes the title of the movie to Harley Quinn:Birds of Prey.

Venom 2
Wrapped Production in London. With just a bit to finish up in San Francisco, the heavy lifting is still to come with post production.

Rumor Mill

Dr Strange 2
Looks like earlier rumors of Alejandra Jones might have been true, but now Fiege has hit a bump and is looking to put a different Ghost Rider in the Multiverse of Madness. Now rumors say that Brett Dalton (Agents of SHIELD - Agent Grant Ward) will be playing the Danny Ketch version of the character from the 90s.
ALSO, seems that THIS is going to be where we see Shuri as Black Panther. Possibly to test the waters for that future movie we talked about a few episodes back.

Captain Marvel 2
MORE RUMORS! Now they are saying that Disney is looking to cast a young MALE version of NOVA. This is rumored to be a version of the proper Richard Rider NOVA, who will supposedly befriend Spider-Man in the movie. 
There are also rumors that Rogue and Moonstone will make their way into the film, though this one is conflicting between sources as some sources claim this is purely manufactured. But still other sources say that the Rogue appearance will be in Captain Marvel 3, possibly as a VILLAIN as she is rumored to be part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants when we meet her. And Moonstone in still ANOTHER source might actually be part of the Thunderbolts Disney+ series.

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