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ALL THE TRAILERS!! Aquaman King of Atlantis, Midnight Mass, THE MATRIX 4, INJUSTICE, all release trailers. Venom moves UP. Matrix theory, Shang-Chi hot take.
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Webtoons/DC - Wayne Family Adventures is the first offering from the Webtoons deal. 

Aquaman: King of Atlantis - Oct 14 begins the 3 part event.
Midnight Mass - Out NOW on Netflix from director Mike Flanagan

The original Transformers animated series is streaming for FREE on YouTube.


Venom: Let There Be Carnage - Venom Let There Be Carnage has been moved UP!! New release date is Oct 1 instead of the 15th. THANKS SHANG-CHI (alos… is Shang-Chi REALLY a flop? $139.7M is a BIG number)

Confirmed: Yaya Abdul Mateen II IS in fact playing a different version of Morpheous. The rumored leak about the story details seems to be discredited by the official release from WB in which they appear to be dismissing the 2nd and 3rd movies.
Injustice - Oct 19 
Last Night in Soho - Oct 29

Russo Bros movie on hold.

Rumor Mill

James Gunn/Bane - No Bane does NOT enter the end of the Peacemaker series to tease a season 2. Dave Bautista won’t be showing up… 
Spider-Man - Andrew Garfield is once again refuting his involvement in the movie. It is interesting his specific vocabulary “Not something I am AWARE I am involved in…” but he seems adamant.  There is that supposed “leaked” BTS video from the set of the movie, but seeing as Sony squashed other BTS images and not that video, it seems like a safe bet that its not legit. 

NEW RUMOR says the long rumored series WON’T be a continuation of the Snyderverse version of the character. Instead this version will be a reboot that will touch on the character’s origin.

Agents of Atlas
On the tail of the seeming success of Shang-Chi, word has it that there will be an Agents of Atlas series. Jimmy Woo is said to start the Agents of Atlas much like Nick Fury created the Avengers at the end of Iron Man.

Though there might be a Bane sighting in Batgirl on HBO Max

F&F Prequel
Rumor has it that Dominic Toretto will be getting his own prequel in the FF universe.

Secret Six
Will Smith MIGHT not be done with the DCEU. It is being said that WB is keeping a spot open for him in the RUMORED Secret Six movie.

Twisted Metal
ANOTHER Twisted Metal rumor has the franchise coming back on the PS5. With the rumor going on to say that we should see this new Twisted Metal game (reboot?) sometime in 2023 as a tie in to the already announced Twisted Metal live action series.

ANOTHER Finn series rumor. This one is a bit more believable because it is being said that this will be the rumored Finn movie done in series form, instead of as a replacement for the Cara Dune series which we know to be Republic Commandos.

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