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 It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! 
Fall of the House of Usher has ALL KINDS of shake-ups in the casting department. KIDS IN THE HALL makes a return. NFTs just won't go away. HUGE Arrowverse shake up in the Rumor Mill. All that and MORE!
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Fall of the House of Usher - Frank Langella fired from the Roderick Usher role. To be recast and reshot.
Carla Gugino has an unknown role. Mary McDonnell portrays Roderick’s sister Madeline Usher, the hidden hand behind the family dynasty. Carl Lumbly plays Poe’s legendary investigator C. August Dupin. Mark Hamill plays “a character surprisingly at home in the shadows” in the series. Henry Thomas, in his eighth collab with Flanagan.
Samantha Sloyan, in her fifth collab.
T’Nia Miller from Bly Manor.
Rahul Kohli, in his fourth role for Flanagan.
Kate Siegel, in her eighth collab. Which is not surprising given Siegel and Flanagan are married.
Sauriyan Sapkota, who fans will see in Flanagan’s The Midnight Club.
Zach Gilford, fresh off of his Critic’s Choice nomination for Midnight Mass.
Katie Parker, in her sixth collab, beginning with Flanagan’s first film Absentia.
Michael Trucco, in his third time in a Flanagan production.
Malcolm Goodwin, making his first appearance in a Flanagan production, but reuniting with iZombie costar Kohli.
Crystal Balint, in her third outing for Flanagan.
Kyliegh Curran, who starred in Doctor Sleep.
Paola Nunez, her debut in a Flanagan project.
Aya Furukawa, making her second appearance with Flanagan after The Midnight Club.
Matt Biedel, in his third role, most recently in Midnight Mass.
Daniel Jun, another first timer.
Ruth Codd, who joined the team with The Midnight Club.
Robert Longstreet, in his fifth collab.
Annabeth Gish, in her fourth collab.
Flash - Jesse L Martin (Joe West)  leaving the series for NBC’s The Irrational. 

Love, Death, and Robots - Volume 3 May 20th
Kids in the Hall - Coming to Prime May 13th after 26 years. Red Band 

Voice actor Vic Mignogna has reportedly been hired to voice the lead character in a series to be produced by what appears to be an NFT scam. But good for him if it actually happens.

Star Trek: TNG
YouTube Channel Gazelle Automations have created effectively an animated pilot episode for a sequel series that never will be.

MK Conquest


Super Mario Bros
The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach has been restored and is available to watch on YouTube. Thanks to a group of fans calling themselves Femboy Films.

Streets of Rage
Sega’s next video game property to get a movie. Derek Kolstad, who wrote John Wick and Nobody, will be penning the script

Thor: Love and Thunder - 

Power Rangers Bootleg Universe 

Rumor Mill

David Lynch - NO MOVIE COMING OUT!! 

New Sources
Dr Strange 2 - Tobey McGuire said to be in the movie.

“Final Crisis” style reboot event planned on the CW. Making ALL DC live action properties (with some exceptions… Matt Reeves, and JJ Abrahms) into the same shared universe. Including the HBO Max properties.

The long in development movie is now said to be circling Jason Momoa as a lead.

Halo Infinite
Battle Royale CONFIRMED??

Jet Set Radio
With Crazy Taxi in the works, rumor has it that Jet Set isn’t too far behind.

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