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It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! 
SDCC happened, which means we have a TON of new trailers that we will be touching on briefly. It's been nearly a month, and so much has happened. There is a lot to get to: Avatar Live-Action updates, The Penguin series on HBO Max, Rumors to confirm, and a bunch more...
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Shorsey, Westworld S4, Orville S3, American Horror Stories

Avatar: The Last Airbender - Free Guy actor Utkarsh Ambudkar has been cast as King Bumi. He joins Rainbow Dickerson as Kya, Katara and Sokka's mother James Sie will reprise his role from the original series as the fan-favorite Cabbage Merchant, Community and Mythic Quest star Danny Pudi as the Mechanic, Gordon Cormier as Avatar Aang, Kiawentiio Tarbell as Katara, Ian Ousley as Sokka, Dallas Liu as Zuko, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Uncle Iroh, and Daniel Dae Kim as series villain Fire Lord Ozai.
Rick and Morty - Season 6 in Sept
I Am Groot - will be an anthology series
Guardians Holiday Special - Epilogue for phase 4

Locke & Key - Season 3. Final season debuts Aug 10.
Interview with the Vampire - its what we feared… Oct 2
Andor - I’m afraid to be hopeful anymore… Series delayed by nearly a month. Pushed back to Sept 21. BUT they will be dropping the first THREE episodes.
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners - 

The CW series will end after 9 seasons. Season 9 will only be 13 episodes and then will effectively end the Arrowverse. 

Nichelle Nicols
Passed away at 89 of natural causes.

The Penguin
The long rumored HBO Max series has been confirmed. Some things are different from the rumors though. It will be a continuation and NOT a prequel. Also, Matt Reeves will not be directing, only producing. Lauren Lefranc will serve as head writer AND showrunner.

Max Headroom
The 80s icon will be returning to series on AMC. Matt Frewer is set to return as the titular character and presumably Edison Carter.

The Boys
Season 4 promotes Cameron Crovetti, who plays Homelander's super-powered son, Ryan, to a series regular.



Aquaman 2 (and the Lost Kingdom) - Ben Affleck returning as Batman, as revealed by JASON MOMOA?? 
Weird Al - Streaming on Roku Nov 4th. 

Spirit Halloween - 

The Gray Man
Netflix has announced ALREADY that the Ryan Gosling movie from the Russo Bros is getting not only a sequel but ALSO a spin-off. Stephen McFeely will return to write the script, with Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese working on the spin-off script.

Paul Sorvino
Goodfellas, Rocketeer, Repo, Devil’s Carnival
Passed at 83 of natural causes.

Pat Carroll
Ursula passed at 95 from complications from pneumonia.

Road House

Sequel announced for the Bob Odenkirk movie. Producer David Leitch told Collider.

Dolph Lungren has clarified that a Draggo movie is not imminent just yet.

Beavis and Butthead Do The Universe

Rumor Mill

Thunderbolts Movie - Marvel revealed at SDCC that the movie will be happening. Set to be the capstone movie for Phase 5.
Namor Confirmed for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
Walking Dead - Rick and Michonne series HAPPENING in 2023! Though no Rick Movies.

New Sources

Solo: A Sequel Story
Lawrence Kasdan is talking sequel… could this redeem the original?

Eternity Saga and Timeless Saga leaked copyrights.

Disney Plus is turning the book into a series. This time we will get Christopher Paolini as co-writer on the series. There is no official word on this yet.

Godzilla VS Kong 2
Origin is said to be the working title for the movie.

Fantastic Four
Ant-Man 3 is rumored to be where we finally get our first look at the first family, before their movie at the beginning of phase 6.

Movie in the works? Alison Brie thinks so.

the movie has been shelved due to the “Irredeemable” test screenings. Also, the reported $70M budget is rumored to have been more along the lines of $100M. 

Green Lantern
HBO Max series canceled. Rumor claims the movie was actually axed a while ago.

Boba Fett
Season 2 happening?

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