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It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! 
SO MANY LEAKS! Mortal Kombat 1, Microsoft, Deadpool 3. Plus a TON more!
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New Music/Video
Corey Taylor - We are the Rest Sorry Me Who needs Stone Sour?
††† (Crosses) - Light As A Feather Synthwave Chino Moreno isn’t so bad…
Everclear - Sing Away Alex Alexakis and crew can still write a damn good tune. One of the new songs on the “Live at the Whiskey A Go Go” album out now.
Whitechapel - Without You | Without Us can we just name a metal subgenre after these guys?
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐆𝐀𝐒𝐌 - "Bang Ya Head” Feat. Fred Durst this band is ridiculous. Not even Fred can save them… video is kinda funny though
DragonForce - Doomsday Party ALMOST the Dragonforce we used to know and love… just slowed down a bit.
IBARAKI - Jigoku Dayū quite the dynamic sound.
Duran Duran - Danse Macabre 80s icons keep going… video is claymation made to look like AI.
Beartooth - The Better Me Feat. Hardy THIS is the state of modern rock? I’ll continue to bury my head in the heavy music sand.

Cradle of Filth - Support from Wednesday 13 and Sick N’ Beautiful. Feb 10 in Tel Aviv through Mar 8 Kosice.
3 Inches of Blood - Jan 13 Vancouver, British Columbia same place it ended, at the legendary Commodore Ballroom on Granville Street 
A Perfect Circle - Maynard’s birthday tour. Support from Primus and Puscifer. April 17 through April 26.

Reg ‘ol News
Marylin Manson - Appears in court for new charges. Pleads “No Contest” to spitting and blowing nose on videographer in 2019 in New Hampshire. Community service and fine of over $1000. 
Blink-182 - New album “One More Time…” announced. Release date Oct 20 
Korn - Head (Brian Welch) says to expect new music from the band in 2024.



Evil Dead: The Game - No new DLC, Switch version canceled. Sabre Interactive tight-lipped on reasons behind axing a year old game. 

Cyberpunk: Phantom Liberty - THIS looks like a better story all around.
Nintendo Direct - The land of remakes… but is that so bad?
Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass - Side Order DLC
Mario vs. Donkey Kong
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown
Super Mario RPG
Princess Peach: Showtime!
***Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft
Detective Pikachu Returns
Contra: Operation Galuga
Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD
WarioWare: Move It!
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass Wave 6
Among Us
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Reg ‘ol News
Mortal Kombat 1 - The Switch VS XBOX/PS5… come on guys!
Disney - Hulu and Disney+ prices going up on Oct 12. Everything seems to be raising by $3/mo minus the basic level (ad supported) for both. 
MS Paint - getting an update 38yrs in the making. Paint now has a background removal tool, as well as support for layers and png file format with transparent background. 
Blackmagic Design - Cinema Camera 6k the first full-frame model. 24.6 MP sensor and the company’s first L-Mount lens mount. 
X (Twitter) - Musk is reportedly considering making access to the app, pay only. 
Microsoft - Huge leak showcases possible new console, pro controller, and a laundry list of Bethesda games. 

Suggests because Ryan Reynolds

Comic Books/Books

Reg ‘ol News
Moon Knight - Marvel killing off the character for another reboot. New Vengeance book to kick off in January. (W) Jed MacKay (A) Alessandro Cappuccio. 
Ultimate Universe - Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch are set to reboot the Ultimate Universe. First book in the series, Ultimate Universe number 1, will be on shelves this November. To spin out of  the Ultimate Invasion arc happening right now. 


Episodic Shows

The Wonder Years - Canceled after 2 seasons 
One Piece - Renewed for second season on Netflix.
Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon - premiere episode for free on YT 
Werewolf By Night - Re-release in color for Halloween on Disney+ October 20.
Dark Winds - George RR Martin and Robert Redford produced series based on Tony Hillerman’s Leaphorn & Chee book series, has been given a third season.

Quantum Leap - Season 2 really IS happening… Starts Oct 4
Kite Man: HELL YEAH! - sometime in 2024
Goosebumps - Oct 13. Justin Long in a series?
Frasier - changes to the character?
Fall of the House of Usher - Modernizing Poe… 
Chucky Season 3 - so much better than the attempted reboot. Also Keenan Thompson? Sweet!
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Dec 20 on Disney+.

Reg ‘ol News
Tales of the TMNT - Mutant Mayhem spin-off series set for 2024. Mutant Mayhem to stream on Paramount+ starting Sept 19.
Slayers: A Buffyverse Story - reunite original series stars James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Head, Juliet Landau, Emma Caulfield Ford, Amber Benson, James Charles Leary, Danny Strong along with fresh faces such as Laya DeLeon Hayes 
A multiverse story that doesn’t include Buffy. Instead sees Spike run into Cordelia from a different universe where SHE is the slayer, and Buffy Summers never existed. 



Dream Scenario - Nic Cage in an A24 movie that might be a comedy?

Reg ‘ol News
Lego Avengers: Code Red - First having been teased this Summer at the SDCC, Marvel has now announced the all-new special, LEGO Marvel Avengers: Code Red, will premiere on Disney+ Oct 27th. 
Lando - Lando Calrissian upgraded to movie status according to Donald Glover. 


Rumor Mill

New Sources
Deadpool 3 - Channing Tatum listed as Gambit according to IMDb.

New Rumors
MK1 - Datamined DLC characters???
- Noob Saibot
- Cyrax (Robot)
- Kotal / He-Man / Conan
- Ghostface
- Unknown Girl
- Jade
- Cassie Cage
- Kung Jin

Avengers: Secret Wars - Ian McKellen to return as Magneto?

Outer Worlds 2 - Supposed to be featuring multiplayer.

F-Zero 99 - Leaked Arcade and Survival modes.

Doom: Year Zero - part of the massive Microsoft leak

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