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It's time for the Comic Talk Headlines with Generally Nerdy! 
Possibly the largest gaming release EVER seems to have hit a bit of a snag.
Lots of trailers and some new COMICS announced.
And so much more...
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Cannibal Corpse - Support from Municipal Waste and Immolation. Starts Sept 20 in Oberhausen, Denmark through Oct 20 in Frankfurt, Denmark.
Korn - Support from Gojira and Spiritbox. Sept 12, Tampa FL through Oct 27 in St Paul MN.
Unearth - 20 year anniversary show for the Oncoming Storm June 15 at Big Night Live in Boston, MA. The show features Bleeding Through, a rare appearance by Overcast, Fuming Mouth, All Out War, Apes, and a currently-unannounced special guest.
Stray Cats - Brian Setzer, Slim Jim, AND Lee Rocker touring together. Starts July 27 in Woodinville WA, through Aug 17 in Bridgeport CT. Support from the Midnight Cowgirls. Tickets coming soon.

Reg ‘ol News
Static-X - Evil Disco: The Rise, Fall, and Regeneration of Static-X.


Marvel 1943: Rise of Hydra - Sometime in 2025 on all major platforms. No Switch. Skydance New Media and Marvel Games. Voice cast: Drew Moerlein as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America; Khary Payton plays Azzuri, T’Challa’s grandfather; Megalyn Echikunwoke plays Nanali, and Marque Richardson plays Gabriel Jones.
Suicide Squad KTJL - Season 1 DLC FREE March 28. Joker from a different Earth in the Multiverse. All of season 1 will deal with an ever-changing Elseworld version of Metropolis as reimagined by the Joker. Episode 1: Fear will begin on March 28 with new gear inspired by the terror-inducing toxins and poisons of Scarecrow and Notorious items featuring Mad Hatter, Merlyn, and Dr. Psycho. 

Episode 2: Duality will be released as a mid-season update including a new mission type, new Green Lantern infused enemies, new Two-Face Infamy gear sets, and new Notorious weaponry based on DC Super-Villains Reverse-Flash and Black Manta.
Final Fantasy 16 - Rising Tide DLC April 18th.

Reg ‘ol News
China Bans the US - China has implemented new guidelines that restrict the use of Intel and AMD chips in government computers and servers. Only 18 approved processors are allowed, with just one using the x86 architecture made by a Chinese company. The move is part of China's efforts to promote domestic technology and reduce reliance on foreign hardware and software.
EU VS Tech - The European Union has launched investigations into Apple, Meta (Facebook), and Google for potential non-compliance with the Digital Markets Act, which aims to ensure fair competition in digital markets. However, Microsoft appears to be the only major tech company not under investigation, despite concerns over its practices regarding web browsers and search engines.
Open AI in Hollywood - OpenAI has been demonstrating its AI video generation technology, called Sora, to directors and film studios in Hollywood. The aim is to explore how filmmakers can integrate Sora into their work. Meanwhile, the technology has already impacted the industry, with some filmmakers(Tyler Perry) reconsidering plans for physical production due to the potential of AI-generated content.
Dragon’s Dogma 2 - Despite facing criticism over microtransactions, performance issues, and crashes, Dragon's Dogma 2 has achieved record-breaking sales and concurrent player counts on PC for Capcom, surpassing even Resident Evil 4 Remake. The Microtransactions are for things that you can mostly obtain in game though.

Comic Books/Books

Reg ‘ol News
TMNT: Alpha - Writer Jason Aaron and artist Chris Burnham are ushering in a new era for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics at IDW Publishing. Aaron will provide a glimpse into the post-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #150 world with the June release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Alpha #1, which includes a 10-page prelude story by Aaron and Burnham focused on Donatello. Burnham will then draw the Donatello-centric Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 issue in October as one of the four artists kicking off stories spotlighting each Turtle.
Joker: The World - DC Comics is releasing a 184-page hardcover anthology titled "Joker: The World" on September 17th, featuring stories about the Joker character by international creators. Following the success of 2021's "Batman: The World," this book will showcase the Joker's global impact through tales tailored to the styles and cultural sensibilities of different nations. Stories will explore the Joker's antics abroad, how he has inspired copycats worldwide, and his influence in diverse settings, all by top writers and artists from those respective countries. The anthology aims to highlight the iconic villain's ability to spur chaos on a worldwide scale through these unique cultural lenses.

TV Shows

Parayte: The Grey - Netflix Japanese horror series. April 5th
House of the Dragon - June 16. 2 trailers for Team Green and Team Black.
The Penguin - Matt Reeves Batman universe gets a little bigger this fall.
Spiderwick Chronicles - April 19.
Gundam: Requiem for Vengeance - sometime 2024


Dethklok - Army of the Doomstar April 5th on Adult Swim, 6th on Max
Pirates of the Caribbean - New movie is now said to be a full on Reboot.
Section 31 - Wrapped filming. Straight to Paramount+. Michelle Yeoh returning as Captain Philippa Georgiou from the dark mirror universe. 
Fear Street - Prom Queen will be the next installment of the movie franchise. No release date just yet.

Alien: Romulus - Fede Alvarez’s movie looks pretty dang scary. Aug 16 2024
Beetlejuice 2 - Sept 6 2024 the Juice is loose!!
Bad Boys: Ride or Die - June 7
Wicked - Thanksgiving.

Reg ‘ol News
Neverending  Story - New film series in the works. Produced by Iain Canning and Emile Sherman for See-Saw and Roman Hocke and Ralph Gassmann for Michael Ende Productions. Said to be attempting a “Great work of art for a wide audience.”
Happy Gilmore 2 - Christopher McDonald has confirmed that a sequel to the Hockey/Golf comedy is happening. Presumably happening at Netflix considering Sandler’s current contract with the streamer.

Rumor Mill

New Rumors
Power Rangers - Netflix owns the rights to run this into the ground apparently. Rumors say the new cast will be mostly LGBTQ or female. Said to be something of an “Elseworlds” story.
Next Gen Xbox - According to reports, Microsoft is actively working on prototypes for a potential Xbox handheld console, which could be a key part of their strategy for the next generation of Xbox consoles.
GTA 6 - There are concerns that Grand Theft Auto 6, one of the most highly anticipated games, may be delayed beyond 2025 and potentially slip into 2026 due to production challenges at Rockstar Games.
Jurassic World - Scarlett Johansson is rumored to be in negotiations for the lead of a NEW story with an all new cast.
Malcolm in the Middle - Frankie Muniz says its THIS close.
Spider-Man 4 - Jon Watts not returning. Drew Goddard or Jeff Lin to direct. Filming this Sept-Oct. Zendaya coming back is why Euphoria season 3 might not happen.
The Batman 2- The Batman part ll sounds like Batman will be up against a new DA, Harvey Dent, while Clayface is targeting certain people in Gotham as his victims and things become so tense that Batman has to turn to someone to help him solve the case...The Joker

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