Buy 3 Pizzas, Get Free Snake

Jun 24, 2020    02:12:29

Nerdy Legion

Nick and Martin are back on The Nerdy Legion with a special episode streamed live for the first time ever! Thank you to those of you that joined the live chat; it was a blast! On this episode, Martin talks about the "Svaha: The Sixth Finger", which if you're into Korean religious horror (and who isn't?) you will love, and "The Great Hack" on Netflix about the Cambridge Analytica scandal." Nick highlights "One Child Nation", about China's population policies, and the "7500" trailer. Then the boys dive into the "Palm Springs" trailer which has them both super excited before diving into the main topic of the week...introducing our new segment #UnpopularOpinions in which we will certainly alienate our entire audience! Oh yeah, and SNAKES! Thanks for listening!

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