Ready To Rumble

Jan 27, 2017    02:31:19

The Wrestling Insomniac

On this week's episode of Podcast of 1000 holds Mike and Ronnie are ready to rumble! Rumble weekend means countless of hours of wrestling this weekend. Not only NXT of Sat and WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, but Mike is also going to Limitless Wrestling on Friday w/ the American Nightmare Cody will be headlining. The guys talk about news and rumors heading into the weekend. What kind of go home podcast to this wrestling weekend would it be without predictions. Aaron txts his in. Mike and Ronnie talks and discuss what they think will happen or could happen this weekend. Who’s Aaron’s iron man prediction? Who’s Mike’s Rumble winner? Who is Ronnie’s out of left field surprise entrant? Listen now and find out!

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