Gotham By Rebirthically Noise

Aug 15, 2016    03:57:48

Absolute DC Podcast

Aaron and Ronnie are joined by not one but two podcast legends, Darrell Taylor and Mike Myers since Paul has went MIA...or has he? The four dive deep into the books this week which include the only Rebirth oneshot, Deathstroke. SuperWoman and All Star Batman along with Red Hood & The Outlaws #1’s are discussed. New Super-Man and Hal Jordan and the GL Corps #2’s are talked about. Wonder Woman and Detective and Action are also talked about in length. Who likes what? Who is just down right crazy! Can they all agree? Who needs to keep their mask on?! It’s a HUGE episode with HUGE guests so we bring you a SUPER-SIZED episode. PLUS if the episode wasn’t HUGE enough…we can’t just stop recording when talking to guests like this so Afterdark continues where everything is discussed including the kitchen sink! Find out and listen now! Leave us a review on Itunes please and enjoy the show! Please let us know good,bad or ugly we are doing by leaving some Itunes reviews!

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