There Was A Man Who...

Oct 03, 2016    05:02:47

What Did You Watch This Week

This week was more packed than a can of overweight sardines as the guys with the mouths do their best to plow through this massive season of new and returning TV shows.  The latest episode sees them playing catch up (pretty effectively) with everything that the networks have fired at them recently, and giving their hard sells and hard passes on the offering.  In a rare show of solidarity, it seems that most of the opinions were shared by the boys this week, including their views on Van Helsing and Lethal Weapon, as well as the true to form Gotham.  Listen as Mike throws a few hard sells, and John tries to bring Mike over to the dark side with a push for a show his buddy swore to never watch!  All this plus so much more on a full to the rim episode of What did You watch this Week!

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