One Seemingly Normal Day

Nov 22, 2016    04:15:53

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back fans, friends, and those new to the program (tho really, if you're new, should you be starting at episode 36?  I mean... I won't judge, but still...)  On this week's installment of the greatest podcast about two guys ranting and raving about stuff they watched on TV and cinema, the guys once again give some serious love to Westworld, and discuss THAT big reveal!  (Yeah, you know the one!)  Also, we share the feedback from the resident Batman aficionado, Martin, in regards to Gotham, and we spread more love and joy for Stan against Evil, which is just as quickly winning a place in our hearts, as it is fleeing from them (short seasons FTL!)  All this, plus the usual recap of superhero shows, a look at the finale of AHS Roanoke with mike, and Adam ruins drugs with John!

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