A Strange Light Appeared In The Sky

Dec 04, 2016    04:52:01

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back to a jam-packed episode of What did you watch this week, the podcast that knows how to spell the word award!  On this episode, the boys talk in depth about the penultimate (that means next to last) episode of Westworld's first mind-blowing season, and psych themselves up for the finale!  In addition, they have a lot of unpacking to do with the four-part crossover event on the CW's DC universe, and boy is there a lot of mixed feelings there!  As if that weren't enough, the guys also talk about This is Us and the major happenings in the follow-up to the Thanksgiving episode, Adam ruins the Wild West for us, Mike couldn't make it thru a new movie for lack of genuine interest, and John throws in the towel (finally) on one of his shows!

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