When The Flora Finally Settled

Jan 03, 2017    03:24:21

What Did You Watch This Week

Hello loyal viewers of our podcast program and welcome to the episode that is the answer to life, the universe, and everything!  This week was another thin week for shows, but we still managed to fill the airwaves with good quality discussions, as well as plenty of off-topic meanderings and ramblings for you!  Join us as we talk about our love of Travelers, the surprising delight of CrazyHead, and some movie reviews. But wait!  Act now and you'll also get a super hard push for a Jeffrey Donovan show on Hulu, the review of the Doctor Who Christmas special, and as promised, the revealing of our thoughts on Rogue One, from finish to middle, then a little more toward the end, but then kinda back to the beginning, and then the end, but a little more middle...

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