Sayonara Yelled The Dog, Running Away

Jan 16, 2017    03:10:07

What Did You Watch This Week

Welcome back to the only podcast you need for opinions about the shows you watch every week!  On this episode, the boys have a very divergent opinion on the latest episode of Sherlock, and it could spell disaster for the entire podcast from here on out!  Aside form that, however, they also manage to do some good coverage of SHIELD, This is Us, and The Good Place, as well as a number of other great and not so great shows.  Mike makes a hard push for the entire Fargo series as a whole, and John caught the first 2 episodes of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and weighs in on that.  All this plus news, trailers, and some potty language that we just couldn't help ourselves with on this exciting installment of what did You watch this Week!

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