She Called Out To The Man

Feb 20, 2017    03:45:50

What Did You Watch This Week

On the most recent thrilling episode of the podcast soon to be a motion picture starring and directed by Ben Affleck, the guys go on a good number of rants and railings over the shows that graced their eyeballs this week.  The fun kicks off with some lively Doctor Who banter and discussion, followed by some deeper cuts into Supergirl and This is Us, and then the hard hitting questions come in:  What did the guys think of the introduction of Thomas Lennon as Leo Getz on Lethal Weapon?  How was "A Very Special Episode of Arrow" perceived by these critical watchers?  Does Mike Still hate Emerald City?  Did John seriously watch the most recent M Knight Shymalan movie?  Are they seriously going on for that long about a collection of old Saturday Night Live skits?  The answers to all these questions and more are locked safely inside this week's episode of What Did You Watch this Week!  

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