You're Our Only Hope

Mar 07, 2017    03:16:23

What Did You Watch This Week

One a tumultuous and irreverent episode of the podcast you've come to know and love, your hosts with the mosts go out of their way to explain the pros and cons of the varied titles they watched this week.  Like every other episode.  Since the show began.  But now with technical issues!  Listen and enjoy as the guys rip apart what should have been some great CW superhero shows, go in depth to the final 2 episodes of Emerald City (and what they think about the show overall) and then dig into some odd and not so odd movies that may or may not have been on your radar, dear viewers.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder where the time went as you listen to the final episode before the 1 year anniversary of what Bill down the hall has come to call "That radio show about TV and sh*t"

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