As He Ran Toward The Ship

Mar 20, 2017    03:28:46

What Did You Watch This Week

Another week, another session of ear therapy from your two favorite discussers of all things TV, movie, and entertainment generalities!  On this thrilling episode, Mike and John clash violently over some of the shows they viewed this week, including a rousing discussion of benevolence vs deviance and how much it should affect the arc of a character's transgressions once the shift in tone has been revealed to the audience vs the other characters in the show.  Also, we find ourselves split going into the finale of This is Us between #teamdeaddad and #teamlivedad and the gloves are coming off!  Add in some fun facts, some light-hearted jests, and a few poignant revelations, and you've got yourselves the latest episode of What did you Watch this Week!

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