Nov 29, 2018    00:50:31


In this week's episode, Aaron (@AaronSBell) and Ronnie (@Ronbar316) start things off with a little bit of kickstarter talk, because they seem to have an addiction.  Then since it's a DC comics podcast, of COURSE they talk a bit of X-23, because why not?  Moving on to the actual meat of the episode, they talk about whether or not Harley Quinn gets the hype.  For as popular a book as it is, no one we know ever seems to talk about it.  There's a new Young Justice trailer that Ronnie brings up, before moving on to the comics talk.  Aaron talks about what was probably his favorite single issue of a comic book in ages (Injustice 2 Annual 2), Ronnie talks about the Nuclear Winter Special, they do the Silencer talk they always do when a new issue comes out, Detective and Action Comics, and how Leviathan seems to be showing up everywhere now, and how Aaron would do that differently, and then Aaron confuses Ronnie when they talk about Heroes in Crisis 3.  They wrap things up with Ronnie trying to do some math while talking about poll results.

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