BONUS: The 12th Annual First Bonus Episode Spectacular!

Dec 01, 2018    01:23:32

Absolute DC Podcast

Someone once asked what happens when Ronnie (@Ronbar316) and Aaron (@AaronSBell) hit record, but before they start the show.  Well, this is exactly that.  Except, they hit record and started the show.  So basically it's just the two of them talking about whatever comes up.  They do circle back to talk (briefly) about a Vertigo book, so it's sort of DC Comics related, but it's mostly talking about terrible 80s movies because for some reason USA Up All Night came up.  They also talk a bit of Walking Dead comics (yay!) and tv (boo!).  Who they would pitch a comic to if they were to actually finish something.  Also, probably a lot of other stuff that Aaron cannot remember as he's typing this out.

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