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In Issue 7 DJ and John start off talking about Stan Lee and a little about what he meant to them. Then after the comic book news they get into the new Amazing Spider-Man comic issue's 1-5. This issue is spoiler free until the 1hr and 1min mark. 

**** Whoops! Our first (of many mistakes I’m sure) John said captain America came back in FF #4 but it’s Avengers #4. Please forgive us. ***** DC Variants – Aquaman #43 by Nicola Scott Batman #61 by Francesco Mattina ** Harley Quinn #56 by Frank Cho * Justice League #14 by Jae Lee Teen Titans #25 by Alex Garner * DC New titles – Batman and the Outsiders #1 Regular, Blank, Variant by Stjepan Sejic Freedom Fighters #1 Regular, Variant by Ben Oliver Image Variants - Spawn #292 B Mattina Virgin, C Mattina & McFarlane OTO Image New titles – Hardcore #1 From the minds of Robert Kirkman and Marc Silvestri No Marvel on FOC this week. Recommended Reading – Image Comics Middlewest #1 by Scottie Young and Jorge Corona. Main character – Abel. Starts with a dream about a tornado monster. Abusive father. Friends with a talking Fox. Boom Comics Smooth Criminals #1 by Kurt Lustgarten and Kirsten Smith. Main characters – Brenda. Takes place in 1999. Brenda is in community college and works there in the computer lab. Not one of the cool kids, always getting caught talking to herself outloud. Stan Lee Essential reading – Fantastic Four epic collection - The coming of Galactus. Introduces Galactus and the Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer epic collection – When calls Galactus. With John Buscema most of the early Silver Surfer stories. Thor epic collection – The Wrath of Odin / Kirby Thor epic collection – To wake the Mangog / Kirby Captain America epic collection – Captain America Lives Again / Kirby Doctor Strange epic collection – Master of the Mystic Arts / Ditko Spiderman epic collection – Great Power / Ditko Spiderman epic collection – Great Responsibility / Ditko

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