Nov 29, 2018    02:03:48


This week DJ and John just talk comics spoiler free for the whole Issue. Topics like Tusk, DC Universe, Aquaman, Into The Spider Verse, Venom and many others. And as always here is the list of the latest comics: Monday 12/3/18 FOC DC – Variant Covers Batgirl #30 Joshua Middleton ** Detective Comics #995 Mark Brooks Flash #61 Derrick Chew * Justice League Odyssey #4 Terry and Rachel Dodson * Wonder Woman #61 Jenny Frisson ** Marvel – Variant Covers Deadpool #8 Jamal Campbell GotG Immortal Hulk #11 Noto 80th New Series Conan the Barbarian #1 – Multiple cover options. Not all OTO. Back at Marvel after 10+ years at Dynamite. Man Without Fear #1 of 4 – Hell’s Kitchen without D.D through the eyes of support characters. Connecting variant only OTO Scout comics – Stabbity Ever After One shot Recommended Reading – Image Comics - Warning #1 Created, written and drawn by Edward Laroche IDW/Marvel Comics – Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 Writer Delilah Dawson Artist Fico Ossio

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