Week 25 Of 2020: Rob H. From Av Rant & Netflix She Ra

Jun 26, 2020    02:46:47

Bright Side Home Theater

🍿This week DJ is joined by Rob H. from the AV Rant Podcast and they talk a ton of Home Theater before they do a deep dive discussion about Netflix' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.  All time stamps are below and the first 1hr & 45 min is spoiler free.  If you don't know who Rob is then you NEED to check out him and Tom on AV Rant.  If you DO know who Rob is and have ever wondered how much Rob actually knows about Home Theater then you are going to love this.  DJ surprises Rob with a few questions and its pretty amazing how it turns out.  

AV Rant Podcast:

AV Rant Website:


-Rob H. from AV Rant 
-She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Introduction to Rob
  • Listener Comments
  • 25:30 Question and Answers for Rob
  • 1:19:23 She-Ra Spoiler Free
  • 1:45:54 SPOILERS for She-Ra

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