Week 26 Of 2020: Jaws 4 K

Jul 03, 2020    00:53:37

Bright Side Home Theater

🍿Just when you thought bit was safe to go back into your theater...
This week DJ talks about his Home Theater experience with the new Jaws 4K disc.  But before that he has a FIVE star review to talk about that he received on iTunes.  He also discusses some comments from the "Bright Side Community"  on Twitter and Email.  Thanks to everyone. Keep those questions, comments and recommendations  coming!  


🍿= Reference Material 

Jaws 4K

  • Opening Scene
  • 3:31  Come on in the Water
  • 16:45 The Little Boy🍿
  • 20:30 Screech
  • 22:40 Brody’s “Office”🍿
  • 26:20 The Dock🍿
  • 33:22 Ooops! Welcome to 4K
  • 39:50 Dinner & Wine
  • 47:40 Ben’s Boat
  • 1:21:04 “Ya gonna need a Bigger Boat”
  • 1:26:30 Story Time
  • 1:34:30 Singing
  • 1:36:05 Shooting Stars
  • 1:53:05 Shark Cage
  • 1:56:40 Splash
  • 1:57:20 Quint🍿🍿
  • 2:00:15 Smile...

You can reach DJ at
Twitter- @BrightSideHT
Email- BrightSideHomeTheater@Gmail.com

🍿Thanks to:

Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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