Week 42 Of 2020: Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Oct 23, 2020    00:58:48

Bright Side Home Theater

🎃The listeners have spoken and DJ is delivering!  Sleepy Hollow won the first Bright Side Home Theater Poll and by the slimmest of margins.  But a vote is a vote so DJ broke it down.  How does the 20th Anniversary disc compare to the disc from 2006?  Does this movie need a restoration to 4K?  Does it deserve a restoration?  That plus some of the fun scenes to experience in your theater.  And DJ has another Featured Theater this week to talk about so be sure to go to the website and check that out and follow along.  And don’t be shy, leave a comment too.  Now that you’re all caught up, just push play!

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  • Andrew Joyner

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Event Horizon 
WV Brew on Twitter 
“Event Horizon dropped on 4k streaming. Watched it, really good transfer very clean, sharp.”

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Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Home Theater Viewing Time is 1h 39min 35sec


  • Opening 
  • 4:20 Green Screen
  • 7:22 Country Side
  • 9:40 Howling
  • 11:50 Walking In
  • 16:40 Gun Shot
  • 20:05 Oh Deer
  • 21:35 Ride Off
  • 24:52 Flag
  • 30:00 Covered Bridge
  • 32:41Thunder
  • 38:45 Owls
  • 43:53 Into the Cave
  • 48:42 Tree
  • 51:53 From Out of a Tree
  • 55:26 Floor Boards
  • 1:01:11 Close Ups
  • 1:04:15 Ink
  • 1:17:46 The Church
  • 1:30:06 Wind Mill
  • 1:32:09 Final Chase

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