WEEK 43 OF 2020: HALLOWEEN (2018) 4K

Oct 30, 2020    01:05:48


🎃DJ wraps up the Halloween month with what else? Halloween from 2018 in glorious 4K with DTS X! Plus listener comments, another great Featured Theater and some comments about some Home Theater news items. A great way to end the month on a high note and have some fun. All ya gotta do is go push play...

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🍿Featured Theater🍿

  • Andrew Joyner

🍿This weeks movie Recommendations

Tiny World on AppleTV+
Steve George
“Engaging story and excellent 4K picture and Atmos audio!”

Annabelle trilogy in 4K on iTunes
Matt from Minnesota
features foundation rattling, reference quality Atmos tracks”

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🍿= Reference Material

Halloween 4K (2018)

Home Theater Viewing Time 1h 40min 33sec


  • Opening
  • 6:14 The Mask
  • 16:20 Door Bell
  • 20:45 BANG!
  • 26:41 Car Pans
  • 31:08 Young Boy
  • 37:09 Footsteps
  • 41:20 The Island
  • 46:32 Out in the Street
  • 48:35 School Dance
  • 55:03 Hear Something?
  • 57:49 Harley
  • 58:29 Out of the Closet
  • 1:02:28 Mirror 
  • 1:10:18 Lights
  • 1:14:02 Under the Island🍿
  • 1:15:20 Michaels Dead
  • 1:26:33 Lights On
  • 1:26:57 He’s Above
  • 1:28:45 Laurie’s Footsteps
  • 1:35:24 T Rex
  • 1:37:19 GOTCHA
  • 1:38:57 Good Bye Michael

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