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What a big week!  This is the first Bright Side Home Theater Podcast that has a contest attached to it!  You will have to listen to find out who won but thank you and congratulations to GC for the hard work and attention to detail for winning the first Bright Side Contest!  But lets not bury the lead though, District 9 is a fantastic Home Theater movie and DJ's really excited to break it all down in the way that only he can.  Push Play.


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🍿 Movies & Scenes of the Week

The Grey

Preston (email)
“The Blu ray has an excellent 5.1 DTS hd master audio track that puts you on the edge of your seat and plays well with neural x. For picture quality, don’t go into this movie with high expectations but I think you’ll be blown away by the sound design... watch all the way to the last credits”


🍿= Reference Material

District 9 4K 🍿🍿🍿

Picture 🍿🍿
Sound 🍿🍿🍿
Home Theater Viewing Time 1hr 44min 49sec

2:08 First Contact 
2:27 Alien Crawling 
8:33 Moving out 
10:00 Transition
12:15 Engine Off 🍿🍿🍿🍿
18:25 Big Mess
19:42 Trash
21:23 They’re Coming
23:19 I Don’t Trust It
31:05 Black Stuff 🍿
37:20 Evacuate Ward 11
38:40 MNU 🍿
54:24 Helicopter Overhead 🍿🍿
1:09:10 Building goes BOOM 🍿🍿
1:12:37 Shootout 
1:18:49 Lift Off
1:25:52 Mothership
1:35:30 Fire 
1:40:47 Engines Roar
1:42:04 Inside The Mothership

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Theme Music by Jeff Bernheart/Throne Vault Productions.

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